About us

The Church is people not a building!

Emmanuel Church is a diverse group of people all seeking to love God and to follow Jesus Christ in this great adventure of life He has called us to.

Our vision is for a church which is full of the Good News of Jesus, a church which is real, relevant, and dedicated to God's truth.  Emmanuel Church is a place where we lay down our burdens, our fears, and our exhaustion whilst we find in Jesus the lightness, courage, and rest only He can offer.  Whoever we are, wherever we are, whenever we come, in Jesus we can find a love greater than our biggest dreams.

We believe that the Bible is God's inspired word - the truths of the Bible guide us as we seek to faithfully follow Jesus together. 

As God's people the Holy Spirit gives each and every believer gifts to build up and grow the church - part of being in community is recognising and sharing these gifts both within the church and with the world around. 

We believe that being a Christian is about resting in the forgiveness of God, receiving transforming love, and by God's power becoming the person He made you to be.  It's about reflecting Jesus' character as God's Spirit gets to work in your life. It's about being found when you are lost. It's about responding to the amazing love of the mysterious, all-powerful Creator we joyfully dare to call ‘Father’.  It's about taking part in God's plan to restore every area of life in whatever we do.

A great place to start exploring the Christian Faith is at http://www.bethinking.org/. Here you can:

  • engage with the important questions of life

  • explore what Christians believe and why

  • compare Christianity to different religions and beliefs; relate the Christian faith to all of life

Home Groups

At Emmanuel Church we believe that very few things are more important than Home Groups.  Home Groups are a feature of a healthy church.  The importance of church members being in fellowship with one another, reading the Bible, and praying together is vital.

Home Groups are made up of around 8-12 people who gather together on a regular basis—usually every other week.  Each Home Group has two 'leaders' who are the contact people between the group and the ministry team. Home Groups provide a safe and healthy environment of mutual support, fellowship, and prayer where God can work powerfully in people's lives.  

Interested in Home Groups?

If you would like to know more about Home Groups or you would like to find about how to join one then please do speak to our Home Group co-ordinators: Mark and Judith Marsden. Mark and Judith are usually around on a Sunday at The 10.45 and their contact details are on the Home Group Board at the back of church.  You can also speak to a member of the Ministry Team.

Download Home Groups Booklet here

Mothers’ Union

Every 1st Tuesday of the month from 1.30pm the Mothers’ Union collectively gather at ECHO to discuss both religious and secular topics that influence our daily lives.   

Families, children and young people

Jesus showed great love for children when he blessed them and called his followers to live with a childlike humility. At Emmanuel we strive to reach out to the children and young people of Saltburn through our activities at church and through our involvement with the local schools and the DoorWays charity.  We love to share Bible stories with Saltburn Primary School through our weekly Open the Book assemblies and we hold a 'drop-in' at Huntcliff Secondary school each Thursday lunch time.

On Wednesday afternoons between 1pm-3pm we host the 'ECHO Family Drop-In'. This is a safe and fun space for pre-school children and their parents and carers, that meets during term time.  

On the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays of the month we provide fun faith-based children's activities in ECHO during the 10.45 service. On the 4th Sunday of the month children, young people and adults worship together at the All EngAge service in ECHO.

Arts Ministry

Saltburn, with its stunning scenery and creative community has always been home to artists.  Here at Emmanuel we believe that Art—in all its many forms—is a gift from God who is Himself an artist and creator.  Because of this belief we have converted part of our church into an art gallery and hold many exhibitions and classes throughout the year. 

Through Sanctuary Arts (http://bsigsworth.wix.com/sanctuaryarts) our Arts Worker Beth Sigsworth aims to help equip other churches to get a vision for the role art can play in our life and worship.






Rev Adam Reed – vicar

Rev Adam Reed – vicar

linda johnson – church warden

linda johnson – church warden

Richard Smelt – church warden

Richard Smelt – church warden

George Brignall – treasurer

George Brignall – treasurer

Christine Pollard - Parish Administrator

Christine Pollard - Parish Administrator